90% population breathing poisonous air, 70 lakh people are losing their lives every year

Humans need oxygen to survive and it is obtained from the air present in the atmosphere. Clean air is very important for our health, but these days people are not getting clean air in most parts of the world. You will be surprised to know that most of the population of the world is breathing in poisonous air and now the crisis is looming large on the breath. Due to air pollution, toxic elements have been found in the air, which are causing death after reaching the body. Millions of people in Thailand have had to be hospitalized in the last few weeks due to polluted air. The situation is such that people have been forbidden to leave their houses there. The situation of pollution is continuously getting serious.

90% population breathing poisonous air, 70 lakh people are losing their lives every year

A report that came out recently has given sleepless nights to the people of India as well. It has been claimed that India is included in the list of most polluted countries in the world and the air of many of its big cities is extremely toxic. The climate of the capital Delhi has become toxic for the last several years and the pollution level remains very high here for most of the year. Due to pollution, people are facing respiratory disease, lung cancer, stroke, and heart disease. Prolonged exposure to polluted air can cause damage to the immune system, neurological, reproductive, and respiratory systems. In such a situation, all methods of prevention should be adopted.

Air pollution is causing climate change, which is causing a lot of damage to our planet. This is affecting the life of our planet.

Nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and sulfur dioxide, the invisible gases produced by burning fossil fuels like coal, are spreading pollution.

Cleaner burning techniques and fuels have to be used for activities such as cooking, heating, and lighting. Pollution has to be controlled.

All countries have to adopt better urban planning policies. Dirty emissions have to be controlled. Vehicles with high pollution will have to be banned.

Children are highly affected by air pollution. Toxic air can cause problems like respiratory diseases, cancer, and cognitive decline in children.

Domestic air pollution is the biggest challenge. 3 billion people in the world do not have access to clean fuel for cooking. Women are affected by this.


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